Sabtu, 01 Juli 2017

Pengalaman "Make Money Online" dari Amazon Affiliate Program

In the previous post, I have mentioned that I would make a blog that is intentionally created to generate money.

Saya pun mencoba membuat situs niche yang akan menjadi pundi-pundi dolar saya.

So, what is the result?

Alhamdulillah, I successfully made it, guys!

The blog is You may want to read the simple preview about this blog here.

So, I would like to say that make money online is real, not a joke or scam. However, we need to highlight that make money online is not as easy as most of them say. Some may be easy because they have every weapon to make it simple. But for us, especially for me that have no many resources, no money, no experience, this journey can take a long time and hard work. For me, I had to struggle in writing the articles on my own, market it by my own, maintain it and etc.

I have to say thanks to Allah because He gives me the ability to write in English, knowledge, time and enough money. Those are enough for me to carry on and finish at the place where I should be.

So, make money online is true but not as easy as they say.

Additionally, I want to add more explanation about make money online. I have failed 5 times before this one. Those 5 times took 5 years. I spend 5 years to prove this method works or not.

Income Screenshots

I would like to show these screenshots to you guys to prove my income on Amazon Affiliate Program, to prove that make money online is obviously real.

Mei 2016

 Juni 2016

Juli 2016

Agustus 2016

September 2016

 Oktober 2016

November 2016

Desember 2016

Januari 2017

If you check out my Instagram profile, you could see my post about the income from my first dollar until I got about $55/month

I Quit from Amazon Affiliate Program

Unluckily, Amazon banned me for violating their rules. I have to admit that I used my old id on that blog. I ignored that rule because I see there was no problem with until I saw the penalty suddenly became a real disaster.

Now, I quit from Amazon Affiliate Program. I do not blog again. I don't know when I begin to start it again. I just can stare at my Payoneer card and say "When do you become useful again?"

My Next Plan

However, I thank to Allah, because I have had the blue print. Whenever I want to start again, I know the way to do it. I know how to make it succeed.

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