Senin, 30 Juli 2018

My First Suitcase has just Arrived!

Today I am really happy because my first luggage has just arrived. I bought it for preparation. Whenever I have to leave my town and need to carry on my needs, I have been having the bag to carry on them all. I love to prepare.

I buy it for Rp219.000,- not including the delivery cost. Fortunately, I buy it when the online shop is coincidentally providing free delivery. What a fortune.

Previously, I had been surveying some stores that sell suitcases but nothing seems to suit my need. Let me tell you that the price, look, and durability matter for me. I consider online shop and here I got it.

The delivery time period is not too bad. I shopped on Friday, the next day on Saturday I purchased and transferred my money through Alfamart online payment, as I saw my suitcase got sent exactly on Monday two days later after the payment. A week later, precisely on Monday, today 30th of July, my luggage finally arrives safely.

It's a Polo Team brand name. Not really seems strong but enough to bring my belongings. As you could see the price, it might be enough to explain it.

Now I'm ready. I could figure out things to carry on. I'm well-prepared.

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