Jumat, 03 Agustus 2018

What is My Best Achievement in My Life?

Sometimes, I often found myself buried in a situation where I need more time to think about. It could be something fundamental.

As my interest in thinking, thinking is a satisfaction. We live with thinking, and how we enjoy use it is the way I am.

One of the situations that forces me to use my deep thinking is my best achievement in life. What is my best achievement in life exactly?

My thought quickly comes over to the achievements that physically I've done such as I have created something great. In my mind, I have to invent a computer or anything else great in order to sense my best achievement . Unfortunately, I see nothing. I've done nothing. I have no idea to think about.

Many people might think the same way I've done.


Chess reminds me something. People will never win this game against opponents without strong ability to empower all the power and maximize the chance.


Imagine if we are all born rich. Imagine if we are all created clever. Imagine if we are all president. The balance is terminated. The system doesn't work as it should be.

Imagine if we are all a president or a leader. Who wants to be the citizen or the followers? Who wants to help the president to do all the task needed to run a country. The system suddenly breaks out.

Unbalanced system.

Imagine if you are a student, but you are not seriously study, what a waste of time you did at your teenage. Education is a part of the whole system in running a country. If education fails to create adequate generation to continue the previous country's program, the country will collapse gradually.

Imagine if all the students are lazy and graduated without any ability. How do we lead the country? We don't know how to generate energy, cultivate crops, build safe house, run government, etc.

But if we are discipline, hard worker, clever and graduated with satisfied ability at least cultivate crops, we could stand and manage to survive in our country.

Now I understand deeply.

Best achievement is not always something physically seen by eyes. It's more than you gain award, it's you do your best whatever your role whenever the role comes to you.

You cannot take bamboos, or lead a group of army and successfully deploy a certain area in order to obtain your best achievement. Time changes. You have different role now than them who lived some decades ago.

Nowadays, our country faces a wide range of challenges. From energy to food, fishery to textile, defense to politics, and even religion.

We are encouraged to develop a sophisticated technology to create a better world. If we can't study technology properly how we can supply energy to our nation? We have to think further for food supply, how to create a friendlier way of catching fishes for sustainable food supply. Many other things need the same action, they need to get resolved soon.

My Final Thought

I cannot be a president right. Even it can make nation worse.

I have to prepare all I need. It could be knowledge, financial, power, polytics, and God.

I would be something excellent. God help me please!